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Franziska Herzig


Having a cont­act per­son who is always rea­dy to lend an ear and who, thanks to many years of expe­ri­ence, can assess the urgen­cy of a vas­cu­lar sur­gi­cal issue, act accor­din­gly and respond fle­xi­bly to various needs is high­ly valued by our pati­ents. Fee­ling this gra­ti­tu­de and being the­re for our pati­ents makes my working life incre­di­bly worthwhile.”

Ms. Fran­zis­ka Her­zig has been working as a chief medi­cal secre­ta­ry for vas­cu­lar sur­gery in Lucer­ne for more than 20 years. She has been working inten­si­ve­ly with the owners of the prac­ti­ce for many years and can opti­mal­ly assess the spe­ci­fic needs of our vas­cu­lar pati­ents and sup­port them in making appoint­ments and in the orga­ni­sa­ti­on of out­pa­ti­ent and inpa­ti­ent tre­at­ments. Ms. Her­zig has com­ple­ted an app­ren­ti­ce­ship as a busi­ness­wo­man with fur­ther trai­ning as a medi­cal secre­ta­ry H+. She also regu­lar­ly par­ti­ci­pa­tes in medi­cal trai­ning cour­ses to increase her orga­niza­tio­nal expertise.